The Daredevil Project: Murdock’s Law panel

In Volume 2 of Daredevil, Kevin Smith and Joe Quesada worked together on “Guardian Devil”. The iconic page for me in this series was “Murdock’s Law”, showing Daredevil at the feet of Lady Justice. The quote is from another cover image by David Mack.

My friend Cynthia Hebbard had sent me a great piece of tie-dyed fabric with concentric circles, and it proved to be the perfect background for this image.

The hand beaded fringe is made from a necklace I took apart that once belonged to my high school English teacher and best friend’s mother, Mrs. Merle Wilson.

The Braille reads “integrity” and “justice”.

Daredevil clings to the feet of a statue of Lady Justice

Murdock’s Law, from original art by Joe Quesada



Murdock's Law, from Joe Quesada's artwork

Mrudock’s Law, from Joe Quesada’s artwork

Closeup of thread painting in Murdock's Law

Closeup of thread painting in Murdock’s Law

Text panel reads in print "Somehow I cross the line-- A blurring one where the scents and echoes and chills come less from outside my head..."And more from inside it."

Text quote from David Mack cover.

"Memory and dream--the only places where I'm not blind."

Second part of quote from David Mack text.