The Daredevil Project: Free-motion embroidery panel series Origin Panel

Daredevil, a Marvel Comics series, has always been a favorite. The 2003 movie starring Ben Affleck rekindled public interest in the character, and at that point, the idea for a series of art quilts featuring iconic works by various Daredevil comic book artists was born. These textile paintings are rendered in thread in a technique known as free-motion embroidery. No digitizing was used in their creation. Think of holding the pencil in a stationary position, and moving the paper to produce a drawing. The individual images were machine embroidered, then appliqued onto larger sections of fabric to form comic book style “pages”.

Below is the Origin Panel. It features a rendition of the cover of the first issue of Daredevil from 1964 with art by Bill Everett. Other Volume 1 art from  Joe Orlando and Wally Wood. The large image of Daredevil in his yellow costume is from the Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale series “DD: Yellow”.  Hand dyed fabrics by Cynthia Hebbard are the backdrop for the text about the origin. Matt Murdock’s early look in the 60’s and Daredevil saving Karen Page from certain demise rounds out the composition. Braille words are rendered in tiny Swarovski crystals. From the top, they read “Daredevil”, “hero”, “perceive”, and “man without fear”.

Features the cover to Daredevil #1 and art from DD: Yellow

Features the cover to Daredevil #1 and art from DD: Yellow

Closeup of thread painting by Alice Lynch of Tim Sale art from DD: Yellow

Original artwork by Tim Sale from DD: Yellow

1960s Matt Murdock in business suit

1960s Matt Murdock

Daredevil in yellow costume saves Karen from a serious mishap

Daredevil saves Karen Page; Joe Orlando and Vince Colletta art