The Daredevil Project: Dare to Dream panel

Inspired by the art in the “Wake Up” story arc of Volume 2, by Brian M. Bendis and David Mack, I was working through the personal grief of having to place my dear mother in a nursing home when I composed this panel. I dedicate it to my late mother, Ruby. She encouraged my dreams, and will always remain my life’s hero.

David Mack’s water colors in this story are echoed here with fabric, some hand dyed by my friend, Cynthia Hebbard. The thread used is Sulky rayon, and Swarovski crystals are used for the Braille dots, which read “touch the sky”. This was my first use of crystals for Braille, as this was the first panel in the series that I made. I wrote Mr. Mack for permission to use his art as the basis for this work.

Rubber stamps were used to add the kanji characters, and I hand-lettered the piece with a Sakura Micron Pigma pen. I designed and hand beaded the fringe.

Thread painted art quilt featuring the art of David Mack

Dare to Dream panel, meant to be read upper left, lower left, upper right, lower right

A young boy in a Spider-Man tshirt reads a Daredevil comic book

Timmy personifies us all as dreamers

Daredevil carries a young boy away on an adventure

Hope gives us wings to fly away

Daredevil kneels down to talk to Timmy on the young man's level.

Young Timmy meets Daredevil

An unmasked Matt Murdock shows his face to reveal to Timmy he's just an ordinary guy.

Daredevil unmasks to reveal himself to Timmy

Quote that is inked up the side of one panel reads: "The greatest pleasure in life is doing what other people say you can't."

An added thought along one of the panels that is one of my personal favorites.

Strip reads: Free-motion embroidery and design by Alice W. Lynch, Jonesboro, Arkansas, 2003

Signature strip on back of panel

Strip reads: Adapted from the art of David Mack, from Marvel Comics DAREDEVIL--the Man without Fear"

Inspiration strip, and close up of hand-beaded fringe

small hand-lettered square reads "Dare to Dream"

Close up of hand lettering