The Daredevil Project: Alex Maleev cover #26

Something about this cover just called to me to attempt to recreate it in thread and fabric. I found this fabric print called “Millineum” that had iconic New York skyline scenes on it, including the World Trade Center twin towers. It was printed in either 1999 or 2000, and I had bought a good deal of it. It’s used on the reverse side of most of the other panels. The Daredevil figure has 13 shades of red and orange it it. The radar circle is made of sheer organza overlaid onto the skyline fabric. The hand beaded fringe echoes the tiny red dots in the cityscape. From Alex Maleev’s cover art on Volume 2, issue #26.

Daredevil swings from a chain across the night skyline

Alex Maleev’s Volume 2, issue #26 cover

Closer view of #issue 26 thread painting

Closer view of #issue 26 thread painting

Detail shot of Daredevil swinging from a chain

Detail of Maleev cover art, rendered in 13 shades of red and orange Sulky thread