Shipping and Return Policies

Shipping Policies:

Everything listed on Braille Design will be fabricated to your specifications using proprietory embossing methods. Custom orders do take time, and during peak periods around holidays, orders can stack up somewhat. Braille Design attempts to have a two to three week turnaround time during normal business periods. This time frame can stretch out to as long as four weeks during busy seasons, so please allow me time to make your custom item. I strive to give every customer the same quality control and service.

If you choose to use First Class Mail, your items will take up to a week for shipping in the continental US. First Class International can take as long as a month to be delivered, depending on the destination. I can provide, at an additional cost, Priority and Express Mail options for both domestic and international orders. Please write me at for specific costs to your location.

Return Policies:

I guarantee that the braille on my work will be correct. I use Grade 2 (contracted braille) by default, but am happy to do Grade 1 (uncontracted braille) upon request. I currently work under the Braille Authority of North America (BANA) guidelines. If you would like Unified English Braille (UEB) guidelines, please let me know. If you want your item brailled in a foreign language, please inform me of the format you need.

If I make an error in the embossing of your item, I will replace it as soon as you send the defective piece back to me. I will reimburse you for the return postage, and will pay the postage to send the new piece to you.

I will not take returns on custom t-shirts unless I have made a mistake on the braille. You are responsible for telling me what size you require, and what color you prefer. I will not take a return on a shirt that does not fit. I use first quality t-shirts. Please see the sizing page on the site.