Mother’s Little Jewels Puffy Heart necklace in Braille or Print

This solid copper or solid brass heart is embossed with “mom” in braille or in print, and has room for up to five Swarovski bicone beads in birthstone colors. Add each child’s birthstone in birth order from left to right for a truly unique gift for yourself or your mom.

The heart is suspended on a solid copper or brass 18″ ┬áchain and has a toggle clasp located in the front near the heart for ease of wearing and an extra design touch.

Please specify in the Additional Comments box what birthstones you would like, and the order to put them in.

Pricing is varied according to number of birthstone beads added to your necklace. Base price includes one birthstone. Each additional stone is $2.00.


Swarovski birthstone crystal colors:

January: Garnet–deep red
February: Amethyst– dark purple
March: Aquamarine–clear pale blue
April: clear “diamond” crystal
May: emerald–deep green
June: pearl or light amethyst (light purple) crystal
July: Ruby–red
August: Peridot–light green
September: Sapphire–dark blue
October: Opal or rose (medium pink) crystal
November: Citrine–bright yellow or Topaz (golden brown)
December: Turquoise or tanzanite (medium purple) crystal