Determination Necklace

They say that bumblebees aren’t really aerodynamically built to fly, but they do anyway.  That’s why this richly detailed stamping of a lifesized bumblebee links the chain to a circle with the embossed braille phrase “Never give up”.  I’ve named this piece “Determination”.

The deep chocolate brown color of the brass elements looks stunning against a light colored garment. Two different types of chain form the necklace. A section of large ringed chain holds the pendant, and the rest of the necklace is an oval chain with an easy to fasten hook and loop.  Overall length of the chains is 22 inches, plus the 2½ inch drop formed by the bumblebee and the brailled disc.  The chain can be shortened upon request, or a different style of clasp used.

All brass components are made in the USA, and contain no lead or cadmium.