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Welcome to Braille Design, the home of custom Braille jewelry, t-shirts and gifts. Tactile treasures designed to delight everyone.

Brailled just for you by Alice Woodside Lynch, Jonesboro, Arkansas, USA.


New Products:

Best Friends Forever Necklaces Set of Two

Best Friends Forever Necklaces Set of Two$42.00

These necklaces were designed for a couple of young ladies who are BFFs in grade school. I think it’s awesome that they wanted to share the Braille experience. Adorable aluminum hearts have Swarovski crystal accents and come on a sturdy 24″ stainless steel ball chain. Available in pink, purple, red, gold and silver with matching […]

Pink pearl cane or purse charm with sparkling bead

Pink pearl cane or purse charm with sparkling bead$15.00

This charm has a multihued sparkling bead on a silver toned chain with powder pink Swarovski pearls. The clip is a larger swivel caribiner type clip which will accommodate the larger hardware on a purse. Add up to 3 initials on silvery discs for an upgrade.

Fancy beaded cane charm

Fancy beaded cane charm$15.00

We have a nice selection of upscale beaded cane charms. This one features a deep purple beaded bead, meaning there are sparkly beads that make up one large bead. There are three purple Swarovski bicone beads and five silver grey Swarovski pearls on a stainless steel chain, topped with a large swivel hook that would […]

Serendipity Leather Bracelet

Serendipity Leather Bracelet$45

When the stars align and things all come together, that’s serendipity. It’s a great looking word in contracted braille, and it fits on our newest size of brass and copper metal plaques riveted on your choice of 1 1/2 inch wide leather bracelet. We can customize your phrase on this bracelet up to 2 lines […]

Shalom Hebrew Braille Necklace

Shalom Hebrew Braille Necklace$37.00

Hebrew braille has a distinctive set of characters, and this necklace spells out “shalom”. Underneath is a non-tactile stamping of the Hebrew symbol for l’chaim (to life). This solid copper disc hangs from a solid copper 18″ chain with a toggle clasp. It has been left to attain a naturally darker patina, or may be […]